Thursday, October 4, 2012


 By Elijah K. Gbarweay
This is the symbolic big, deep and bottomless well owned and operated by the government of Liberia under the leadership of Mrs. Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf. It continues to consume virtually all the resources and funds meant to fast track our recovery programme. Safe for the existence of this very well which can only be accessed by a tiny kleptomaniac class, Liberia would have by far , far gone beyond its present predicament.

This post is not only about condemning the devilish SIRLEAFONOMIC policy of this government to perpetually hold down the country's progress, but also a wake up call to all citizens SAN blind partisan loyalty and seek to explore all positive means available to destroy this well once and for all in the interest of our country and its future.

If we were all along the line being deceiving ourselves that Liberia's recovery can not be done over night, then, please let us now begin to ask wise questions why a minute portion in our midst are getting rich and richer overnight milking out the resources and funds meant for our recovery. If crooks and thieves can be physically and materially transformed overnight, then why not a bleeding nation that needs to be salvaged.

Right in broad day, our legislooters, sorry, legislators took long and sharp knives to mutilate the 2012/13 national budget and carved away lion share of the budget. They are taking $30,000 each to buy new vehicles in the country of unmotorable roads; what becomes of the ones they are using presently? Will they return same to the government for usage by other users? Can they ever afford in their private life to change cars of that amount annually from their own pockets? Wow, $500 for daily allowance in a country where the majority of the population live below $ 1 per day.

Where is the country's $16 bn that makes her one of the "10 fastest growing economy in the world"? Where are the proceeds after selling 25% of our forest to foreign interests? Are they aware of the imminent desertification of our country? Or do we need a cheering squad of an odd 49 troops for a speech of less than 30 minutes from the EMPRESS at the UN with about half million united states dollars going down the drain? 

Come on folks, let us strive to destroy this well once and for all...Have your say....


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